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Traveling the word was a really interesting and rewarding experience. I saw so much and understand so much more about the world and it’s cultures then when I started. I saw people in India struggling for food and begging for life. I saw whale sharks swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. I saw people washing clothes in a river in Tanzania that was dirtier than their clothes. I saw cleverly disguised stonefish waiting for prey. I saw wealthy ladies in Singapore buying thousand dollar handbags while wearing metal-studded ten-inch heels. I saw brightly colored birds soar through the Brazilian skies. I saw the world.

I’ve learned a lot on the trip about myself and my surroundings. I do not like homeschool. But, suffering through one year of homeschool was worth the year of exotic sights. I love the cold, so Antarctica was my favorite place to visit. It’s a hard choice, but the natural diversity in Antarctica is hard to top. And, it was a cruise.
I love learning about different cultures; but I found that some temples CAN look the same. I would sometimes find my feet dragging and wonder, “Didn’t we just see that building?”. But each temple and building was unique, each with a different story to tell. Though I may not have enjoyed everything we did at the time, looking back, I realize just how much everything meant and how every obscure temple brought me that much closer to understanding the world and it’s ways.

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  • Glory (child of the world) August 19, 2014, 9:55 am

    Okay clearly the Reeses will just keep posting so I will too! I’m glad that you enjoyed it Tanner and i have to agree with you, although I wasn’t there, Antarctica was definitely my favorite post to read! I hope you like your house!

  • Michelle Dunne November 29, 2014, 4:22 pm

    Tanner, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but I know your parents from when we were in the Ashburn, VA ward together. I loved reading your post. It was so poignant. You have insight beyond your years. I came to this site because I was intrigued by the post of the miracle of the pictures that were found, but so far, your post is my favorite. Makes me want to read more, so I’ll do just that. I hope to meet you and your sister sometime and see your parents again. Love to you all!


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