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The year trip was a great experience for me. I saw, learned, and experianced lots of new things. I have enjoyed staying in all the countries that we went to, but India was my favourite. The most rewarding and enjoyable week of my life was spent in India at Rising Star Outreach (RSO). I loved meeting and playing with the children there. I made many friends and can’t wait to go back soon. During that week, and over the whole trip, I learned a lot of things, but the lesson that has stuck with me the most is that people are the same everywhere. They might belong to a different faith, live in a complicated situation, or struggle under a difficult government or leader. At RSO, I spent most of my time with the children. They all like similar things to my friends and me such as reading, music, sports, and dancing. We played a lot of the same games that I played with my friends in America and The Netherlands. Two of their favourites games were Knockout and Hide and Seek.

Much  of the rest of my time at RSO was spent at the colonies. The people living there were generally older than the children at RSO, but they were just as sweet. They reminded me of my grandparents. They enjoy a lot of the same things that people do everywhere else in the world. I loved colony days because I loved meeting the people.

I hope that I’ll get to go back to those countries again. Overall, the trip was a great experience for me.

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  • Glory (child of the world) August 19, 2014, 9:58 am

    Awwww Natalie! That was very touching to hear about how you enjoyed your time with the children and made friends with them! I am going to miss all the posts about the places you just visited but I’m glad you guys had fun! Also I can’t believe school started already! High school guys WOW!


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