Snake River Wyoming:

Elaine was actually the first person to go overboard as long as you don’t count all the previous near-drownings caused by Uncle Bryce throwing people over the edge – click on Elaine’s ejection

Cousin Sydney either (i) is ejected from the raft from the force of the rapids or (ii) fakes an ejection in order to try and get away from her crazy cousins – you watch it and be the judge.  With all of the conflicting instructions from the guide, it’s a wonder we didn’t capsize and send everyone overboard – click here to view. 

Pegasus Airlines Safety Briefing

We flew Pegasus Airlines from Izmir, Turkey to Cappadocia, Turkey.  We thought that their aircraft safety video was well done.  Here is a link to it on YouTube.

Skua bird attaching Gentoo penguin in Antarctica

Tanner captured this video while we were exploring penguin colonies on Petermann Island in Antarctica.  You can hear one guy in particular standing next to us who was really horrified that the Skua may end up killing the Gentoo penguin chick.  Luckily for the penguin and us watching, the Skua was scared away eventually by an adult penguin.  The Skua chicks may have gone hungry that day.  Here is a link to the video on YouTube.

Perito Moreno Glacier calving – El Calafate, Argentina

Even after just returning from an amazing 10-day trip to Antarctica where we saw glacier after glacier, we were amazed at the beauty and size of the Perito Moreno glacier just outside of El Calafate, Argentina.  We were rewarded with a beautiful, sunny day and some pretty amazing calving – this one (on YouTube) being the best we have ever experienced.

Bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

Tanner and Cole made their first bungee jumps from the spot where Bungy (New Zealand spelling) got its original start.  Click here for a YouTube video of Tanner’s jump and click here for Cole’s jump.


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